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Monday, February 20, 2006

Bill to Ban Internet Hunting in Kentucky

Well, it seems sort of topical, arriving on the heels of a national awareness of the dangers in hunting with the recent accident involving Vice President Cheney, and it has to do with Kentucky, and it has to do with Internet technology. All wrapped together, how could a Maysville Kentucky Blog skip comment?

The technology side of it involves using the Internet and robotics to allow someone to "hunt" via computer. The idea originated from a company in Texas that, although it doesn't involve live game yet, more or less let's people anywhere fire a real rifle at targets on their Texas gun range. This includes residents of Kentucky.

The new bill in Kentucky's General Assembly would ban such computer-aided hunting before it ever gets started in the bluegrass state.

Most of the criticism for the operation comes from sportsmen's groups who feel that the experience isn't really sporting at all and is more like a video game than actual hunting. Other criticism comes from those who are skeptical that a system that fires real bullets from an Internet controlled device can be safe, and that it may have serious safety concerns.

I'd have to agree with them (it should be noted that I don't hunt). Still, how cool is the tech? Is it real or is it virtual? Actually, it's sort of both if you think about it and I'm having fantasies of less violent applications like Internet-remote-controlled mini-submarines. That would be neat.

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Jeremy said...

Does seem pretty lazy, doesn't it? : )

1:07 PM
Foxy said...

I for one agree with this ban. How lazy can Americans get???

8:35 PM

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