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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Maysville Road Marker Photograph

The following photograph is one of the old iron markers that formerly stood at every mile between Lexington and Maysville Kentucky marking the Zanesville, Ohio - Nashville, Tennessee - Florence Road. The Maysville end was the first macadamized road in the United States. Henry Clay had a bill passed by Congress for the first "federal aid" in the U.S., but Andrew Jackson vetoed it. Jackson en route to Washington, was angry over a practical joke played on him: After staying over night at the Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, in Dec. 1829, he found his horses and carriages mired in mud several miles east of Paris. He was soon advised that the sign at Paris pointing to Maysville "had been turned toward the bad road by the Adams' men".

So basically Jackson vetoed the bill for federal aid for roadways because someone sent him the wrong way and he got stuck in the mud. : )


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