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Monday, March 06, 2006

Local Celebrity George Clooney Wins Oscar

Maysville / Augusta native won the Oscar for best supporting actor for his role as a weary CIA agent in the movie Syriana. George was also nominated this year in the director and original screenplay categories for Good Night, and Good Luck. This is of course the first Oscar win for the Maysville area, and the first major Oscar to be won in Kentucky in 42 years.

wasn't always the famous movie star he is today, however. He was also a classmate, a friend, you know, normal stuff. After being nominated for the several Oscars, the Cincinnati Enquirer asked local residents to write in if they knew George before he was a star. Here's one of the emails they received:

One weekend in 1976, George was drawing caricatures at the street fair in Maysville. He had a table and easel set up inside the church. He drew my picture for $1 and I still have it! After he drew me I gave him my dollar and he turned to put it in his money box. When he opened the box, it was empty. He yelled to his mom about it and she very quietly came over and told him she had donated the money to the church. He just looked at her and said "All the money?" I thought it was really neat that my dollar was the only one he got to keep that day.

Pam Rice, Edgewood, KY

More from the Cincinnati Enquirer (including a drawing by George)


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