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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Maysville in the Harley Davidson Travel Blog

Last summer the author of the Harley Davidson Travel Blog, "Julius M. Ceasar", stopped in our neck of the woods during a cross-country trip on, you guessed it, a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Our town got a glowing review:

Maysville welcomes you with her charming old buildings and partially renovated downtown.

One of the highlights of his visit to Maysville was a stop in at the Homefront Cafe downtown.

We were eating, looking around at the many civil war artifacts, as the owner Ernie entered the room and immediately welcomed us to his place with his booming, theatrical voice. Ernie started out with the ususal small talk like: Where are going? . . . where are you from? . . What brought you here? But after a few minutes he told us "his story" How he had found the building, his love for history and especially his love for the history of the civil war. Ernie told us about the history of the South. His stories seemed like philosophical dissertation and as we listened to Ernie.

Mr. Ceasar's visit to Maysville and the Homefront Cafe obviously left a lasting impression on him. He ends his article with the following request:

If you go to Maysville you MUST stop at the Homefront Cafe (don't expect a quick stop is Ernie is around), and say "Hello" to Ernie from me.

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