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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Free Download: Rescue the Russell Theatre E-Card

Recently I had the honor of designing the new official Rescue the Russell Theatre web site. The Russell Theatre is the Spanish-inspired building that premiered 's first movie "The Stars Are Singing" in 1953 and is a historic landmark of national importance. Because I believe strongly in their cause, I took the project a step further and donated my time to making an interactive e-card that can be distributed via the web and hopefully bring some awareness to the project. I am hoping also to get the card into circles outside the Maysville area because the building is really unique and hopefully architecture lovers elsewhere may realize the importance in preserving this treasure.

Please download the free Rescue the Russell Theatre E-Card by clicking the link below. Pass it around to whomever you like. Together we can make some progress.

Download the Rescue the Russell Theatre E-Card (1.02 MB)


Jeremy Parnell said...

I'm glad you like it anon. Hopefully one day soon we can enjoy the Russell Theatre in person.

11:38 PM
anonymous said...

Very impressive! That is now my favorite site, not including this one of course. ;)

9:41 PM

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