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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Must See in Maysville and Surrounding Areas

One of our readers wrote:

My family and I are planning a trip to Maysville next month. I need to print out your whole blog so that I we will know whats going on and where we should visit. Do you recommend anywhere in particular that is a must see?

Yes! Definitely. Although many of our star attractions are in various stages of reconstruction, like the Russell Theatre, Washington Opera House, and the new Museum Center that is being constructed, there's still much to offer your family in entertainment and you may even leave with a bit of history as well.

The first must see, of course, are the murals along the floodwall separating the city from the Ohio River. You can't really miss them if you head downtown. The murals display the early history of Maysville from its beginning up to the early 1900s. Scenes include Native Americans hunting bison, late 18th Century Limestone Landing, Lafayette's visit in 1825, mid-19th Century steamboat traffic and escaping slaves, early 20th Century Front Street, a tobacco harvest and an early Market Street scene. The murals were created by artist Robert Dafford who has created similar murals in other cities along the Ohio River and across the country.

Maysville is also host to over 150 buildings that are listed on the National Historic Register. These buildings are in varying styles including French, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, and German influences. Each one has distinctive features. One particular feature to look for on Third Street are the chimney pots. Many of the original ones that are remaining were made to look like chess pieces, with rooks and bishops and the like. You can have quite a bit of fun just trying to identify all the varying styles of chimney pots that adorn the rooftops in Maysville. You can pick up a pamphlet of these buildings with a background for each one at many of the local shops downtown, including the Homefront Cafe on Second Street.

I would definitely check out Old Washington as well. It's about 4 miles up the hill along 68. Washington is an old pioneer village that has existed since the 1700s and contains many of the original log cabins. It's also home of the Harriet Beecher Stowe Museum.

Speaking of museums, you must stop in at least one of the many local museums. There's the Museum Center in downtown Maysville; the Harriet Beecher Stowe Museum in Old Washington; the newly opened National Underground Railroad Museum, also downtown Maysville; the Rosemary Clooney Museum in nearby Augusta Kentucky; and in Ripley Ohio (just a short ways down river), there's the John P. Parker Museum (also Underground Railroad related) and the Tobacco Museum.

I especially recommend visiting the Civil War Museum at the Homefront Cafe on Second Street. There you'll not only get a glimpse into the vast amount of history that is the American Civil War and what Maysville had to do with it all, but you can also get a Latte : ) If you stop in, ask for Lanette or Ernie. They'll talk your ear off about life during the mid-nineteenth century, and Ernie might be persuaded to take you on a tour of downtown Maysville that fills in the blanks above. Tell them Jeremy sent you.


Jeremy said...

Thank you for your warm comments Rachel. There's quite a number of artists in the area actually. Two of my favorites are:

Make sure you check them out when you get a chance. Steve White owns a gallery on Market Street that I recommend visiting when folks come to town.

8:29 PM
Rachael Adams said...

I was in Maysville a couple of months ago and the murals by the waterfront are absolutely stunning. I walked the length of the wall and just admired every scene that was depicted. I wish that I had more time to spend there as I didn't get to see much of Maysville. Is Maysville the home of a lot of well known artists? I did notice while I was there that there were a couple of art galleries. Tremendous job that you are doing Jeremy. I can't wait to see what you have in store for tomorrows post.

4:20 PM

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