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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Barn Quilting Sweeping the Region

Ever see one of these squares on the side of barns as you drive through farm country? The colorful patterns, like this one across the river in Brown County, Ohio, are popping up on barns across the Appalachian region. I always thought they were pretty, but they also have an interesting backstory that begins in our neck of the woods.

The painted Barn Quilt Squares began when Donna Sue Groves of nearby Adams County, Ohio, wanted to create something to honor her mother’s passion, quilting, and did so with a large painting on the side of their barn. This sparked a movement that has swept Adams County. Folks driving through the country believe these colorful squares add to the serenity and charm of a lazy rural drive in the foothills of Appalachia, and many of the old 20th Century Mail Pouch tobacco ads adorning barns are being replaced by this 21st Century phenomenon – Barn Quilt Squares.

Their appearances haven't been limited to Adams County, however, which now has over 20 of them. Today you can find Barn Quilts on buildings throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and many other states.

Click here to read more about Barn Quilts and see pictures of some of the ones from Adams County.


Jeremy said...

Hi hnsmiley1964! Thanks for stopping in and for the compliments. I really appreciate them. I responded to your question about where the articles come from more in-depth over here:

To answer your question about the artwork and web design: Nope, no formal training. That would have stiffled the creativity. On things like this you just have to jump right in and get your hands dirty : ) I'm glad you like the results!

3:25 PM
hnsmiley1964 said...

Interesting, I have noticed those too and often wondered what they were and the history behind them. You always have such a wide variety of articles you write, how do you decide what you are going to write each day? Maysville is such a small town, I always wonder if you might run out of things to write about. haha

You are very impressive in your writings Mr. Parnell. I have also been to your website and have to praise you on your artwork also, did you have any formal training in web design or drawing? Bravo a thousand times over Jeremy!

3:34 PM

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