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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Antiques and Collectibles

Everyone has a passion. For local resident Scotty Fulton it's hammers. According to a recent article in the Ledger Independent, Mr. Fulton has so many hammers, he has probably the largest hammer museum in the country. His collection consists of more than 9,000 hammers in all styles, for every use under the sun. "These hammers tell the history of life and times in this country," he said during the interview with the Ledger. "Finding out what a particular one was used for is like a history lesson." Full Story

Also around town: More than 100 vendors are participating in the Maysville Antique & Craft Expo today (it started yesterday actually, but continues today). The event is at the King Burley Warehouse in Maysville, off the AA Highway. Hours are 11 am to 4 pm. Who knows what you may find at the Expo. Perhaps you'll find some odd item to start your own collection.


Jeremy said...

I personally would love to see the collection. The article that's linked to has a photograph that shows at least some of them. Pretty neat.

8:41 PM

you could not imagine the number of hammers Scotty has, he is my uncle, walls and walls and boxes and buildings full of hammers.

1:40 AM

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