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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Video File: Homefront Cafe

These are some random video clips of the Homefront Cafe on Second Street, a Civil War museum and coffee house located in historic Maysville, Kentucky.


Jeremy said...

Thank Sara! I forwarded your comment along to the owners of the cafe for you.

7:16 PM

Very nice. Enjoyed visiting with you in the Chinese Gourmet at the Civil War Reenactment in McConnelsville, OH last weekend. I hope to finish my story before time to go home today. Nice tour through the Museum.
Sara Hurst
Morgan County Herald
McConnelsville, OH

3:32 PM
anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the video.

3:22 PM
Josh said...

Great job, very impressive.

9:52 AM
anonymous said...

that is really kewl.

8:47 AM
Jeremy said...

Wow. You guys really like videos, huh? : ) I think this is the most comments on anything so far.

I'll definitely be posting more. Unfortunately they take a little more time to put together than say a photo or text post. For example, that opening scene of Maysville was shot on an overcast day and most of the raw footage was washed out and colorless. I had to run the footage through some filters to bring out the greens and get rid of the greys. Similarly, the interior of the cafe is a bit dark for video, so I had to lighten up some of the scenes in editing. But there's definitely some more coming.

The Homefront Cafe is a great place for any history buff, or those who just want a good cup o' joe in a relaxing atmosphere. I encourage everyone to stop in if they get a chance. Look forward to seeing you in June, Doug!

The music in the background is a dulcimer, Helen, although it does sound a lot like a banjo. I personally love the dulcimer's sound and my dad plays it a bit, so it seemed appropriate.

Those who had questions about making videos, I'd be happy to talk with you. Please drop me an email when you can (email address is in the right hand column of this page). Look forward to hearing from you!

2:29 AM

My favorite post so far. Keep the videos coming Jeremy!

I have been to the Homefront Cafe and they have the best lattes in town.

11:01 PM
Doug Branson said...

Thank you. The cafe looks very interesting and I will be visiting them in June. I find the civil war to be a gripping part of the american history and this cafe seems like just the kind of place that I could spend hours in. I never would have known about them if not for this site so thank you once again. Your video has intrigued me greatly.

Doug Branson

10:39 PM
lilbearomine79 said...

r there any more candidate debates or anything like that? u should tape those and post em.

10:22 PM
Helen said...

I would like to see more videos here. Is that a banjo in the background? I enjoyed watching this video and really want to see more.

10:09 PM
Kevin Mcnaffey said...

Can you video my business for the site? I am new to the area and just opened a few months ago. where do I talk to you, do you have an office? Thanks and good job.

9:53 PM

This is really awesome!

9:36 PM
Jeremy said...

I'll definitely be making more in the coming future. : ) Jamey, if you want to contact me, my email is over in the right hand column -->

Look forward to hearing from you!

9:31 PM
jamey said...

how do you do something like this? how much would it cost for you to do it for my website? how do i contact you? i really like that you can do this.

8:43 PM
anonymous said...

That is SO coooollllll! When are you making more?

7:25 PM

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