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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Traxel's Restaurant

One of our readers who read the article "Maysville 50 Year's Ago: One Man's Recollections", from guest blogger Ken Downing, wrote that she enjoyed the reminiscing, but that she believes that it missed one of her favorites: Traxel's Restaurant.

Jane B. Johnson, in Swanzey, New Hampshire writes:

When I was a child, my mother shopped almost every Saturday in Maysville. It was an adventure for me, sometimes more positive than others, but I could look forward to going to Traxel's if we were in town at lunchtime and I had 'been on my best behavior'. For a little farm girl it was a big step toward elegance. The waitresses' uniforms were grey dresses with little white aprons and accessories. There was at least one gentleman busboy who looked to me like a butler because he was dressed in black and white and sometimes had a white tea towel over one arm. The floor was very shiny and the tables and booths were of dark wood with some small wire chairs and tables scattered in the mid section. At the front of the store near the entry there were glass counters containing candies.

Most times Mother and I shared a club sandwich, the likes of which we never had at home, and other times we might each have an ice cream sundae or an ice cream soda. Fountain cokes and iced tea were special there, too. It was rather 'other worldish' for me and I felt very priviledged to be there to practice my 'good manners'.

Traxels is just one of my Maysville Memories that are very dear to me.


Ken Downing said...

Sorry about missing Traxels. Honestly, I just didn't remember it. I thought Traxels and Elites was the same place. My bad.

7:06 AM

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