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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Maysville Supports Its Troops

In a parade that blows away any parade I've ever seen in Maysville Kentucky, the local community showed up en masse to support returning soldiers of the 301st Chemical Unit of the Kentucky Army National Guard from Iraq today.

There were some firsts here, I believe. Never have I seen bleachers put out for a Maysville parade before, which I am sure was appreciated. Also, I've never seen confetti raining down off one of the tall buildings on East Second before. To me it felt like one of those Washington, D.C. parades, and I know I'm not alone in saying, nice touch!

Starting off appropriately with a colorguard of young men, the parade wound its way through the downtown area.

Behind the colorguard was the returning soldiers carried by local volunteers in convertible cars, with the name of each soldier on the side. One thing I noticed (which goes to show how much Maysville supports their troops) is that when they ran out of convertibles, people volunteered other vehicles, such as a pick-up truck with a soldier in the back. Of course the porsche was nice also : )

Then came the National Guard, the High School marching band, a convoy of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the Fire Department. Directly behind them were community supporters like local businesses and candidates running for office. One of the cool things here was a model airplane decked out in desert camouflage and presented by Hardymon Lumber. I really want one! Also (another first I think), trailing near the end of the parade was the Maysville Transit Authority picking up onlookers so they could ride in the parade as well.

Maysville really went all out on this parade and it showed. Excellent job!

Finally, though most had already moved on by then, came the last vehicles in the parade... the street sweepers. How often do parades end with these guys? Let's give them a round of applause as well!


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