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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Video File: Maysville Joyride!

Warning: May cause motion sickness

With a video camera strapped to the top of a remote control car, we take you on a joy ride through the small Ohio River town of Maysville, Kentucky.

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Jeremy said...

Thanks for the great comments folks. I'm glad I can bring a smile to your faces!

1:11 PM
anonymous said...

LMAO I can only imagine what those people were thinking when Bob drove up on them. Funny funny!

9:54 AM
Carolyn Neilstrome said...

I wanted to let you know that your blog is one of the things I look forward to each day. Reading your posts either make me laugh, smile or bring a nostalgic twinge to my heart. This post however had me rolling on the ground in a fit of giddy laughter and that is not good for a woman of my age.

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face, an extra flutter to my heart and laugh so loud that the neighbors look at me strangely now.

Excellent work Jeremy, you should be proud.

9:34 PM

omg this was toooo cooool. The doll You was awesome, the kids died laughing. The part where you were booking it to get across the vibro-bricks -- LOLOLOL. Nice one bro.

7:07 PM
Jeremy said...

I'm glad you guys like the video! The driver's name is Blogger Bob. Keep an eye out for him because he took the car last week and I haven't seen him in days : ) Beware!

The camera (luckily) stayed attached to the top in much the same way that no matter what torture they put Indiana Jones through, his hat never left his head! Two words: duct tape.

LOL Ken. Real work's the bread and butter. Things like this are dessert.

3:20 PM

Jeremy, you REALLY need to find something to do....LMAO

7:29 AM said...

That is so clever how you did that. How did you keep the camera on top of the car? I am very impressed.

8:18 PM
anonymous said...

i agree with sharon, maysville needs to watch out for that driver. lol

8:16 PM

I come here bright and early this morning to read your post and your not here. :( I wait and come back and still nothing. :( Then I come back at 4:00 and see this post. lololololololol I don't think I will ever stop laughin. I watch it at least 10 times already. lolololol :) Now I'm happy.

7:45 PM

So what is the drivers name? I'll be sure to keep a look out for him, he drives crazy!

Great video Jeremy.

6:45 PM
kenzie said...

this is halerious! lmbo!!!

5:18 PM

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