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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ode to Equus

Behold the horse
Strength and grace
heaved up into one massive stately creature.
Legs like sculpture
Hooves of sharp river stone
Eyes big and gentle as moons.

Behold the horse
Muscle and depth
Streaming thunder.

Graceful even in shaking off flies
He stamps and the earth salutes
Resounding the echo of his beauty.

Behold the horse
We see ourselves reflected,
small in his eye, yet large in his heart

Ode to Equus - A poem by Kimberley Freeman

The 4th Annual American Road Horse & Pony Show is taking place at the Germantown, Kentucky Fairgrounds May 26th and 27th. Competitions include Roadster Divisions, Pleasure Pony, Cobtail, All-American Road Wagon and more. Show begins 7 pm each night. Contact 606-564-3766 for more information.


Jeremy said...

Oops. Found the problem.

Thanks Kevin! Any other bugs, let me know.

11:31 AM
Jeremy said...

There should be a tool tip when you hover over it, created by the "alt" attribute of the image tag. Is that not showing up on your end? It should be a yellowish box with a description of what the icon does.

11:13 AM

That was nice, Jeremy: As a big horse lover, I especally loved the poem, and agree 100%.

Keep up the good work.

BTW one minor change to yoru code on the blog: The icons on the bottom for this, e-mail, etc. How about a hover-over pop-up balloon to tell us what each icon does?

Good work.

10:46 AM

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