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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Julie Kinney's Wooden Chains

The Wood Carver's Festival takes place in Old Washington today. Wood carving is an amazing art and this festival didn't disappoint when I stopped in, despite the weather -- and a hangover from the Wine Festival yesterday : ) One thing in particular that caught my eye is the cedar wooden chain (pictured below) from Julie Kinney of nearby Dover, Kentucky.

That entire length of chain, my friends, was hand-carved from a single piece of cedar. Each interlocking link was originally solid wood, and the links remain intact throughout the carving process. That's simply amazing. When I asked her how long it took to carve it, she simply replied, "Hours." She further explained that you don't really measure time when working on something like this.

Below is Julie Kinney's current project. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it helps to show the original state of her chains before being carved. The section that is completed includes spiraling pillars encasing a perfect sphere. The details are incredible.


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