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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

X-Testers on TLC

First let me say that this article isn't really about Maysville. It's a shameless plug for a new reality show on TLC and the Discovery Channel called X-Testers that debuts this Thursday at 7 pm (et/pt) on TLC. I was hired to build their web site and promised to tell everyone I knew about it.

The X-Testers can best be described as Mythbusters meets the X-Files. Movie special effects expert and model/prop maker, Clark James, and co-host Patrick Denver, son of Bob Denver (Gilligan), travel around using their skills to re-create paranormal events - UFOs, ghosts, strange creatures, etc. - in an attempt to figure out what really happened. They don't just analyze the evidence, they attempt to find out what all would be involved if someone did hoax it. There's something for skeptics and believers alike... and well, it's just plain fun.

The X-Testers debuts Thursdays June 15, 22, & 29 on TLC at 7 pm (et/pt) and internationally in July on the Discovery Channel. You can find their brand-spanking new web site at

Now, to make this article about Maysville : )

The Maysville Players have a long standing ghost story that the Washington Opera House is haunted by the spirit of an actress named Marwas who was performing on stage until she fell through a trap door and broke her neck.

This story was posted on the Maysville Player's web site:

Submitted by: Mac Ingram
Date: May 7, 2003
Place: Opera House Lobby
Encounter: We had just wrapped up our production of "Bang Bang You're Dead". I had opened the Opera House so we could all come in and strike the set. It was several minutes after the time people were supposed to come, so I go to the door and open it. As it is halfway open I see a reflection of somoene completely in black in the glass panel. I assumed someone had come in the side door in costume (the costumes were all black). I look outside, confused, and no one is out on the sidewalk. I go back inside and no one in in there either. No one even came for twenty more minutes and no one was around the neighbordhood. Eerie, huh?


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