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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

4 Cat Studios

Simone Sachs of 4 cat studio creates these beautiful hand-crafted collages in her Maysville studio, including gift cards and posters.

“Through paper arts, like handcrafted cards, I have the opportunity to explore color combinations and experiment with embellishments on a small scale. Working with collages of textured paper and fabrics invokes the essential sense of touch in my art that I find so fulfilling while in the garden.”

4 cat studio artwork can be found at In the Hands of Angels, 126 Market Street, downtown. A huge assortment of the art work can also be found at the web site:


J. said...

Taking materials straight from a "Stamping Up" catalog and then selling them off as your own ideas.

Very cretive.
"all items copyright © 2006, Simone Sachs, 4 cat studio" Indeed!


6:18 PM

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