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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Are We News?

I guess so. Or at least popular news service seems to think so. Since starting the Maysville Kentucky Blog last year, we've been linked to by several sites across the web. None that we know of have been as prominent in web traffic as Topix. They are a popular news aggregation service containing news from thousands of sources, sorted geographically for US cities, as well as a wide variety of subjects. According to Alexa Traffic Rankings (one of the better web traffic monitoring services), they reach an average of 800+ million users per day.

Imagine our surprise then, when we go to find news about Maysville, Kentucky ( and learn that many of the articles are ours : ) It's the same with Augusta, Kentucky (

So, hey, if you've got something to say and you want me to put it out there, send me an email. If I like it, I'll digiprint it for you.


Jeremy said...

Definitely cool. Weird that we can pass for news. Heh!

2:17 PM

Hey Jeremy that is SUPER KEWL

3:39 PM

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