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Friday, July 14, 2006

Best Catfish Hole in Kentucky

Where's the best place to catch catfish in Kentucky? According to, it's the Ohio River. They recently ran an article with the three best catfish holes in the Commonwealth. At the top of the list is our own Ohio River. From the article:

Jeff Adkins, 46, and fellow catfish angler Earl Elliott, 30, both from Morgan County, were after their favorite fish on the Ohio River near Maysville when friendly competition broke out between the two fishermen. Their rivalry ended when a monster whiskerfish was hoisted onboard.

"Earl was catching some big fish," Adkins says. "He had landed three nice-sized channel cats, and I told him I'd catch one that would make three of his biggest. A short time later, I got lucky and pulled in a 47-pound flathead."

Adkins and Elliott are known for seizing every opportunity on the mighty Ohio to angle for catfish. Whether in a boat or camp-fishing from the bank, these two experts have proven that trophy catfish are available all along the northern perimeter of the Bluegrass State.

Flatheads, blue catfish and channel cats are the dominant species for Kentucky anglers. And along with the Ohio River, several inland lakes provide excellent catfishing opportunity as well.

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