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Monday, July 24, 2006

Maysville's Best: The Steeples

Maysville: City of Steeples 
This week is Maysville's Best Week. Over the next few days, we're going to show off some of the more interesting things around town that makes Maysville a unique place to visit.

First up, the steeples.

Maysville is sometimes called the "City of Steeples" and with good reason. They're the first thing you notice when you see the town. The First Presbyterian Church (right) and the First Baptist Church (middle), with their Gothic Revival styles, make up the more noticeable of these steeples, but there's many smaller ones around town as well, on public buildings and private residences alike. Most of the more interesting buildings in town have steeples or spires built in.

The church steeples of Maysville have always been what makes the city unique architecturally. Even in this 1862 sketch of the city, they're what sticks out the most. Back then, they were a beacon for travellers along the Ohio River.


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