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Monday, July 31, 2006

Why People Settled in Maysville Kentucky

I just got back from a trip to Washington D.C. and the route we took was strait through the Appalachian Mountains via West Virginia. Most of the trip was by interstate for timing, but on the way back we took some side roads because I wanted to visit the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant. Driving through the Appalachians, I have a much better understanding of why people came to settle in Maysville Kentucky.

If you hop in your car and travel East less than an hour, you'll notice very quickly why Maysville became so popular. It's because you can draw a line between the mountains of the East and the plains of the Midwest, and that line passes right through this area. Sure, this area is still hilly. But if you go just East, those hills become mountains. Even the most modest mountain becomes an arduous obstacle when you're mode of transportation is a wagon.

The most direct route to Washington in those times would have been by river. The Ohio River travels up through the mountains to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Again, Maysville became an ideal place to settle for travellers by riverboat because this is around where those mountains end.


anonymous said...

maysville is a beautifull country i lived ther for 25 years.... but its a black hole if you get there it will suck you in and you cant get out ...thats why people move to lexington kentucky

6:28 AM

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