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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blogging 535 Miles of Underground Railroad

Reporter Chris Lackner has walked 193 miles of the more than 535 miles from Kentucky to North Buxton, Ontario, on a journey that mirrors the route in the pivotal book Uncle Tom's Cabin, which was inspired in part by the life of Josiah Henson, a man who found freedom in Ontario.

Making most of the 500+ mile journey on foot, Chris has been visiting the people and places that connect the region to this fascinating history, including our own Jerry Gore, his walking companion on the day the series launched (the journey began in May's Lick). The 60-year-old from Maysville, Kentucky, is the descendant of famous fugitive slave Addison White.

You can follow along with Chris as he travels back in time, stays in jail, crosses the Ohio River, and blogs about the characters he meets along the way at The Ottawa Citizen web site.


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