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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The New York Herald, 1862

"Morgan’s guerillas in Kentucky do not seem to be progressing so favorably as was supposed. Reports via Maysville yesterday state that our cavalry had overtaken Morgan’s band on the road to Owensville from Mount Sterling. After an hour and a half’s fight Morgan’s forces were completely scattered, and the cannon and horses captured by him at Cynthiana were retaken, as was also a large portion of the stolen property. The rebels lost twenty-five killed. Our loss is twenty killed."

- July 23, 1862, The New York Herald, describing the situation of Morgan's Raiders near Maysville Kentucky early in the Civil War.


Jeremy said...

You wouldn't happen to have a picture of your great grandfather that I can copy would you Ken? The Homefront Cafe downtown is trying to collect local Civil War lore for their museum and I think it'd be a great addition. It'd be pretty cool to have a picture and a few words about him in the museum.

12:35 AM
Ken Downing said...

My great grand father was in the 7th Confederate Cavalry Troop F.
He was captured at the Battle of Buffington Island, pardoned and sent home. He arrived back in Mason Co, in rags, barefooted and riding on a mule. Probably stolen.
He is buried in the Maysville Cemetery with CSA headstone.

8:52 AM

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