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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Courtside With Danny Weddle

As most locals know, Danny Weddle is a sports commentator with WFTM radio. Now he's a blogger as well! For up-to-date info on Maysville Kentucky sports, check out the Courtside With Danny Weddle blog.
Everyone else is blogging, so I thought what the heck, let's give it a try... Maysville is a great sports town with a long tradition of championship teams... From the Mason County Royals football games to the state basketball tournament to the Buffalo Trails Multi-Sport Racing to the local golf tournaments there's always exciting action.

Link: Courtside with Danny Weddle Blog

Welcome to the blogosphere, Mr. Weddle! If anyone else out there has a blog or personal web site they'd like me to share with the Maysville community, drop me an email. We've got a pretty decent readership over here at the Maysville Kentucky Blog and they love reading about local stuff. (I know, it's rude to talk about you as if you weren't here, my apologies.)


Jeremy said...

Oh definitely. I'll try to dig up some classic Maysville sports stories for future posts. Thanks for the idea!

6:12 AM

this looks great but wad hoping to see some of MAYSVILLE'S sports history and photos. im from the old school when a bulldog didn't wear a crown. any possibilities for future reading?

6:29 PM

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