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Monday, August 28, 2006

Nick Clooney in The Encyclopedia of Northern KY

An exciting new project is currently under way. It's called The Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky, and it's slated to be published in 2007 by the University Press of Kentucky. Claimed to be the definitive guide to the history of Northern Kentucky, it will have 1,200 pages with over 2,100 entries. One of those entries (there's reportedly several on Maysville Kentucky and Mason County) is about local celebrity Nick Clooney.

Each Monday The Cincinnati Post prints excerpts from the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky. Today's entry was Nick Clooney's, written by his wife, Nina Clooney.

Due to the necessity for their mother to find work in Cincinnati, Nick and his sisters Rosemary Clooney and Betty stayed in Maysville with their Grandmother Guilfoyle most of the time.

The children listened to radio broadcasts on Cincinnati station WLW, as well as other radio stations, and fell in love with the wonderful radio voices that spoke and sang to them. In their teens, they followed their dreams: Rosemary and Betty left Maysville to pursue successful singing careers and Nick took a job at age 16 at Maysville radio station WFTM, which launched a long and distinguished career in broadcasting.

The Full Nick Clooney Entry

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