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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Old Washington Stone Pavement Photograph


It's difficult to put a date on this photograph, but it's obviously of the Old Washington Kentucky main street. The stone pavement seen in this picture is said to date back at least 150 years and still exist in many areas along the main street today.


Jeremy said...

Very true Ken. That's one of the neat things about the center of Old Washington. With a little imagination, you can really picture it as it was back then.

Even that telephone pole in the picture looks old. It's probably the best way to date the photo too, but unfortunately I'm not that familiar with them.

The really interesting thing about this conversation though is that the poles are going bye-bye. They're currently installing underground lines so that they can remove the telephone lines to create a more immersive feel to the town.

11:23 AM
Ken said...

If you took out the electric pole, you couldn't tell if it was 1850 or 2006

7:30 AM

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