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Friday, September 22, 2006

Nick Clooney On The Rosemary Clooney Festival

Just today, the Cincinnati Post released Nick Clooney's article about the upcoming Rosemary Clooney Festival that takes place in Maysville Kentucky, the weekend of September 30th.

Designed to publicize and raise funds for the restoration of the Russell Theater in Maysville, the location of the premiere of Rosemary's first movie in 1953, the event has been enormously successful. Unfortunately, as Mr. Clooney points out, no matter how successful it is, it only makes a dent in the several million dollar renovation costs. More successful has been the raising of awareness over the restoration efforts. This has led to repeated state-sponsored grants. Although those have dried up in recent years as money ran tight, Mr. Clooney is pleased to announce that there has been another state grant of $250,000, finalized just this past Wednesday. The ink, as they say, is still fresh.

This year's benefit concert hopes to tackle two causes simultaneously. The first, of course, is the above mentioned renovation awareness, hopefully reinvigorated by the new grant. The second is the fight against cancer.

From the article:

This year, the concert also will benefit the Rosemary Clooney wing of the cancer treatment facility of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., where she was treated during her final illness. So two great causes will be highlighted by your presence at this year's show.

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If you want to help in the promotion of the Russell Theater renovations, download and spread the unique Rescue the Russell Theater E-Card I designed especially for that purpose. It's a free download. Check it out.


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