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Friday, October 06, 2006

Mary Inglis (1729 - 1813)

Mary Inglis is credited for being the first white woman to ever step foot in Kentucky. Sadly, however, it wasn't under celebrated circumstances. Mary Inglis, who was born in 1729, was beset by a serious of unfortunate events in 1756 when her home on Alleghany ridge (now Montgomery county, West Virginia), was attacked by a party of Shawnee Indians. The Shawnees massacred many of the villagers and took Inglis and several others captive.

It was under this captivity that Mary Inglis was brought to Mason County Kentucky.

In a daring escape worthy of a Hollywood movie, Inglis and another prisoner were able to disappear into the woods and follow the Ohio valley over forty days and 400 miles back to civilization. The journey was painfully difficult. They were lucky enough to have found a an old horse and secure some corn and meat for their journey, but the provisions were soon exhausted. They were forced to live upon grapes, walnuts, papaws, and roots for the rest of the journey and nearly didn't make it.

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