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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Ohio River Valley Is Real

An excellent article in the Cincinnati Post, following on the heels of the Tall Stacks celebration, brings awareness to something I've thought for years now:
The 'Ohio Valley' no longer exists in the psyche of most people. Obviously it is a geographical feature, but for the average person, the Ohio River is simply an obstacle to get over, a curiosity to glance down on while whizzing across a bridge at 60 miles per hour.

Dan Hurley, the Post columnist who points out this understated observation, is right on the money when he says the Ohio River finds itself in the curious state of being both one of the region's greatest assets, and yet not a part of people's day-to-day lives in the region. It's barely a thought in the mind's of people who live even a few miles from it. In order to bring life back to this 150-mile corridor between Maysville Kentucky and Madison Indiana, he says, we must first "convince ourselves that the Ohio River Valley is real." We need to reclaim the Ohio River as an integral part of our community instead of just a watery, albeit beautiful, backdrop to it.

I was thinking just this same thing the other day when writing about the upcoming BB Riverboat cruise in Maysville. We really need our own riverboat that has Maysville as a permanent port of call, offering weekly, or even daily cruises.

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