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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Paranormal Road Trip Through The Bluegrass State

Just in time for Halloween, Louisville-based Utopia Dream Productions has released their latest DVD, entitled Haunted Kentucky. Following in the footsteps of popular reality-based television shows such as Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters, Haunted Kentucky chronicles the adventures of mother and daughter ghosthunting team Starr and Jessi Chaney, from Nicholasville, as they travel to Kentucky's most haunted locations in search of paranormal activity. See the behind the scenes life of an intrepid team of ghosthunters as they explore paranormal Kentucky, visiting such haunted locations as the Whitehall Mansion in Richmond, where mysterious lights have been seen since restoration work began in the 1960s; Camp Nelson in Nicholasville, said to be haunted by restless Civil War soldiers; Victorian homes in Louisville, which has been called "America's Spookiest Town"; and many other historical landmarks throughout the state where witnesses have reported bumps in the night.

"I learned a lot about the paranormal from this experience, but I am left with more questions than before," said documentary film maker Charla Stone, the producer of Haunted Kentucky. I recently spoke with her by telephone and asked what was the coolest thing they experienced. Stone, who isn't a ghost hunter, said she was most impressed by the investigation of the Mansion at Griffin Gate in Lexington, Kentucky. As you'll see on the DVD, during the investigation they were able to capture on film objects moving about, seemingly by unseen hands. "I can't explain it," Stone said. The Lexington historical landmark, Mansion at Griffin Gate, was completed in 1873, and is thought to be haunted by a little girl staff members have nicknamed "Greta". Several of them say they've seen her playing near the staircase.

Haunted Kentucky is a 90 minute documentary of a roadtrip through one of America's most haunted states. I recommend ordering the 2-disc set which offers a bonus disc containing EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), photos, outtakes, and bloopers. I'm sure you'll find Starr and Jessi Chaney as entertaining as I do : )

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