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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Maysville's Sutton Street

The first ferry in Maysville Kentucky was operated by Benjamin Sutton in 1794. The Kentucky side of the Ohio River where the ferry landed became known as Sutton's Landing and was located where the present-day Sutton Street ends at the floodwall. Sutton Street was, of course, named for Benjamin Sutton. Curiously, the floodwall mural depicting Sutton's Landing is actually a few panels East and the mural here is of a tobacco barn.

Both the Kentucky Gateway Museum and the historic Lee House are on Sutton Street. The Lee House, originally named the Washington Hotel, was built circa 1798. Famous guests include Henry Clay, the Marquis de Lafayette and Andrew Jackson.

The bricks that make up the lower end of Sutton Street are originals. City workers began laying the bricks in 1905 from 4th Street to Front Street and finished the job in 1906. Although brick also covers Court and Market Streets, only Sutton Street contains its original bricks. Court Street was reworked while working on water lines in 2001. Market Street has gone through several make-overs and I believe it's current bricks were placed in 2004.


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