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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sherry Chandler, Kentucky Writer

One of the writers who were able to attend the Maysville Festival of Books recently held at the local Community College was Sherry Chandler, a Kentucky poet who has authored two critically acclaimed books of poetry. Sherry Chandler lives and writes in Ruddles Mill, Kentucky, about five miles north of Paris. Chandler has won the Betty Gabehart Award from the Kentucky Women Writer’s Conference and the Legacies Award from the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning and her work has appeared in several magazines. She also authors her own blog which features some of her work, found here:


Jeremy said...

Thanks Sherry! Definitely enjoy your blog and writings as well. Make sure you let us know when you have something new coming out.

5:13 PM

Hey, I just now found this plug -- a year later. Thank you very much.

I guess I should Google myself more often.

Nice blog!

2:32 PM

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