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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Pulse: Burrwal Farm Corn Maze

This week's Pulse comes from Lindsay at MySpace and her blog post is about the Burrwal Farm Corn Maze in May's Lick:
I'll admit I was kind of apprehensive because I hate being lost... and I'm slightly claustophobic. Which is pretty much the point.... it's a corn maze (d-duh!). The corn was well over our heads. I'd say probably 10-12 feet tall. And all you can see is corn. 8 acres of corn.

Mary's approach to the maze... well, it uh-mazed me. There was one entrance/exit on either side as we got up to the maze. So as we entered it, Mary reasoned that in order to come out on the other side of the maze, we would have to walk far enough into the maze and make turns in a manner that the sun was at the opposite side of our faces than it was when we entered. With that rationale... we were out of the maze in less than half an hour!

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