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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spooky Footage of Hayswood Hospital

This video was shared with me by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. It's some late night footage of the Hayswood Hospital in downtown Maysville Kentucky. I don't want to spoil it by saying too much, but it's very spooky stuff. Happy Halloween!



can someone get us the name of the owner? we have invited te local newspaper to go with us on a professional hunt of the property if we can get permission.we have infra red cameras digital voice recorders hand-helds the works.We are on my space com/ovpi.we want to go in this Halloween if we can.We have generators to run the cameras and the computers.Then put the results on the internet for all to see.We need your help.Call The ledger-independent at 16065649091 and let them know people are interested.Then we will know for sure.Help us.

9:39 PM

We actually just got back from Hayswood. It was some scary shit... Some large figure in a black flowing cape or overcoat freakin' wooshed past me and up through a ceiling, something kept staring around corners at one of our group members, and it kept touching and playing with another female group member's hair, not to mention finding ourselves hopelessly lost lots of times, and always ending up at the front entrance, almost as if the building was saying "Ok, you've seen enough, you need to leave now."

Just looking at that building now gives me a feeling of dread... I swear it changes shape... It has to, we marked our way...

Man, this place got to me.

5:33 AM
eddie from ohio said...

I went to the hospital on 6/26/2008 and was pretty freaked out by the bats and total darkness of this place ...I went with 2 other people on this study and spent about an hour in the whole facility ...we tryed everything in our power to find paranormal activity and we couldnt find anything hear or see ...we did come accross one loud bang on the second floor as we asked for it but other than that this hospital did not seem haunted to me ...

6:57 PM
Michael said...

I have just added Hayswood Hospital to as well I run a group for Hayswood Hospital. Feel free to check it out.

2:53 PM

i have been there without a mask just this summer its sooooooo damn scary in dat place!!

6:39 PM
Dennis said...

This place is an absolute Nightmare, myself and a couple of friends snuck in here during high school and I Literally felt someone/something following me. We were looking for a Morgue but could not find it, although, we did only stay in there for maybe 20 minutes before we finally got spooked enough to get the hell out of there in a hurry. but Just like this video, it brings back memory because we too saw something in the windows as we were running away from this place. VERY erie establishment and I will NEVER go back inside that place, just looking at it brings back that night.

12:23 PM
anonymous said...

i know its creepy a couple of kidsfro my school snuck in there for a report for a class. It really is feaky plus the camera theywere using just blanked out and u cudnt see nothing for most of the footage

9:24 PM
anonymous said...

that place is haunted
Im die there

2:26 PM

i think the footage is real because how can it be anything but a ghost because the head is as big as the window. no one has a head that big and you can even see the mouth almost open up until it ducks back inside. plus the girl that is taking it with her cell phone sounds scared out of her wits. you can hear the fear in her voice as she notices the window.

1:27 PM
becky said...

I was born in Hayswood hospital and have a slight memory of visiting my mom there when I was a very small child in the early eighties, a devil worshiper I went to high school with use to go in there and hang cats in the basement as sacrifices.

1:54 AM
A.A. & Amad said...

Here is our story, and it's not for the faint of heart.

A.A.- When I was 19, my room-mate (Amad)and I were tired of hearing stupid rumors so we decided to get some friends together and have a look. We parked 2 blocks away, just to be safe, and walked the rest of the way.

Amad- We took a crowbar to the padlock on the side-entrance (E.R. entrance I suppose you could call it) and made our way to the kitchen. Of course we couldn't use more than one little flashlight, because a bunch of people call the police. There were weird messages on the walls, crazy noises, paint peeling, bangs and crashes, just tipical horror movie crap you know. Eventually we got a little more comfortable (not much) and started talking some. We were going up the stairs and one of our friends, named Joey, yelled "Anyone here". We all heard a very small voice go "SHHHHHHHHH". We got the hell outta there.

A.A.- I couldn't see anything; I tried to keep up with everyone else. Next thing I knew, I tripped over a stretcher, it flipped up over my legs and landed right on top of me. I was terrified, nobody came back to help me. I tried to kick the friggen thing off, but it felt really heavy, like OMG there's somebody lying on this thing. Then this is where I cried...I was freaked out. The stretcher lifted off of me, and I heard it crashing into the wall. I got out the front door, where they were waiting for me. I cant remember what words I screamed at them but we ran back to the car.

Amad- We didn't stop until we hit the car. Drove like maniacs back to the highway, got to Jesse's house and finally caught our breath. We really didn't talk much that night I never really tell the story that much but I like this site and well, A.A. and I are interested in the place.

10:17 PM
Brandon said...


12:29 PM
poop. said...

i've been in it before, and the scariest thing we had seen was orbs.
nothing else.
yeah, its creepy, but i didnt see anything like that.

8:22 AM

this blog is cool. never seen the hospital up close or nothing but tapps would go in there if someone can notify them. the video is sick man

7:54 PM
anonymous said...

i've been by that hospital many, many times in the 16 years that i have lived here & it creeps me out every single time. a couple of friends of mine have been in hayswood before and said they've seen the stretcher move before---they are some tough guys and they said they will never go back. i, however, have a few plans of my own & will keep you posted:)

4:57 PM
anonymous said...

Rob, I worked as a nurse at Hayswood Hospital in the 70's and 1980. The 2nd floor was the new born Nursey and Obstetrics The 3rd floor was surgery.As far back as the 40's

11:22 PM
anonymous said...

I worked at Hayswood in 1968 for many years.. I walked the halls on every floor. I worked alone at night with only the switchboard and the empty halls to keep me company. I was never afraid nor did I feel threatend by all the lives that came through the front door or the ones that never left. Maybe it is my old friend John Sam or Pierce, Miss Bogie, maybe they are just there to watch over the ones who never left. Nothing to be afraid of my dears only some good old folks taking care of a wonderful old empty hospital.

12:40 AM
Rob Jefferson said...

Read this site, wonder who posted this?

Believable yet, i will show you more then this soon, i have been watching and walking this same street for over 12 years since that day

2:09 AM
Rob Jefferson said...

here is the exact hallway that we saw this incident, how do i know?

The open door is the second floor corador to the surgery room, this is the room where I had surgery in 1979 when I was hit by a car

Jus thought I would share it

2:03 AM
Rob Jefferson said...

Hayswood hospital as a long history especially wiht the crew I used to hang around with.

The story begins here, some people witenessed this exact incident and some still know the facts to it.

On June 14th 1991 me and my gang went to this building, except we entered the kitchen window

below the drive through emergency dropoff, this was before the police started to watch for trespassers,

however case number 098-KY10 was the court doc number for when we was caught and that day we

were glad we was cause here is what happened.

Once we entered the building the kitchen still had dishes and pans stainless steel laying around, as

we walked through the basement floor it was nothing really any different then what it was in 1981 when

the hospital was still in business.

We went through the broken down stair case and went up to the top floor
Once we were there we went down to the second floor. Tracy a best friend was with

us along with Dustin, Clem, Ernie and Tracy. Now tracy take my word was

not scared of didly squat even had a gun battle when he was 17 and did not run. Once we started

walking we noticed tracy was a little behind.

So we all went back and there was this 6'3 250 lb boy frozen f***ing solid, we said wtf is going on with

you, he pointed down the hall way and there was this stretcher rolling toward us with a man pushing it

wearing nothing but a open back gown.

That was the scariest d*** thing I ever witnessed, however as we ran down all these stairs we ran into

the police and was gladly arrested for the incident we just experienced. However come to find out 6

days prior to this we found out that a guy across the street witnessed the third story window with a

sighting of a child or teenager in the window and said no way that was a human in that window at 2

am in the morning. 2 weeks later tracy was hospitalized for 6 weeks due to this really got him down mentally
in believing what really happened to him.

you can call this number 606-564-9411 this is the

maysville police department number ask them about the Rob Jefferson gang and mention the hospital

incident in 91, I guarantee you this is no place to disabelieve anything

As for the video in this page, if you really got this on tape, my congrads to you cause it is what alot of maysville residents really want to see for themselves.

here is a post from a guy who lives in california where this story hit nationwide with people wanting to know more. But believe as you wish but I will believe what I saw.

I also reside right here in maysville today 7 blocks from the hospital and walk daily by it to see if i can still experience what others have.

Guy from cali posted below, now imagine that somone from the west coast hears the same story I experienced as a kid.

Maysville - Hayswood hospital - Located at the north end of 4th street, Abandoned since the early 80's. People who live near it have said they have often seen strange lights in the windows and heard infant’s cries. Also some have claimed to see a figure standing in the last window on the third floor both day and night. Others who have been inside since its closing have noticed an old stretcher that seems to move on its own, others have said to have been followed by shadows accompanied by voices and the feeling of being watched. Others have claimed to see doctors in the halls and heard the cries of past patients. Red glowing eyes and what seems to be some sort of dog that seems to be chasing something have been seen, also cold spots and children playing in the waiting rooms. In the basement and all over the building are strange markings as if they are warnings of some kind, anyone who goes in, walks past, or drives by have said they felt sick and a threatening hostility. It is believed to haunt the entire town.

11:46 PM
Mark said...

Has anyone ever went in without a mask or anything to protect you from the asbestos and other harmful things in hayswood?

9:02 PM
Former Nurse said...

It is my understanding that the city bought
the Hayswood Hospital Building back from the lady in Covington,KY. because she could not get the grant money.So the City Of Maysville is the owner.

4:56 PM
Jeremy said...

To answer Brittany's question below, the reason people aren't supposed to go in there is that it's private property. You would need to ask whoever owns it for permission first.

As the writer of this blog I am assuming everyone who said they went in there got permission. : )

12:31 AM

you should of had a florescent light on your accomplice in the window . Nice try guys. But if its real you are looking for I will show you how to call the devil and he will come.

8:24 PM

why can't we go into hayswood? I know the paint is one reason and the walls are another but you can wear mask and suits.That is one thing I would really like to do when I got older

3:30 PM
Former Nurse who worked there said...

I am really interested in what hospital equiment still remains, I would like Chad to give more detailed information on his visit.

7:51 PM
Matt, Brandon, and Preston said...

Hey, My two friends and I were just up at the hayswood hospital last night ( 1-6-07), and the hardest thing to do was take the first step in! We searched the basement, and first two floors. I was starting to feel better untill we got to the second floor where there were freezers for storing dead people!!!!! We then walked a little farther and went to the ER. We stopped for a few seconds and we could hear footsteps getting closer and closer to us, so we left immediately. I didn't see anything I don't think, but I KNOW i heard things! We are going back again to search the top floors, but this place is truely freaky!!

12:26 PM
Jeremy said...

Thanks Chad! Never having been in there, I was wondering what was left in the way of old equipment and furniture. I won't be able to get to it anytime soon, but I am definitely going to ask the proper authorities for permission to go in there and take photos, recordings, or whatever else is needed. If a paranormal group gets to it first, all the better.

11:49 PM

I actually did walk through the hospital. It is extremely creepy, with spray painted walls, the baby ward, and rotting walls. I didn't see anything first hand, but the feelings in there were crazy. Unfortunately, whenever anyone who lives around there see something crazy or thinks someone is in there, they call the police. So we had to crouch down in darkness until the police walked around the outside looking in. There is still gurneys, wall paintings of children's rhymes( really creepy in the dark), and all kinds of medical equipment still lying around.
I always wanted to see some kind of investigation into the hospital, would be very cool.
If really need be, i can type out a better explanation of the night.

9:04 PM
Jeremy said...

Great responses everyone! So far close to 2,600 people have seen the video, so hopefully we can get one of those paranormal groups out here to do a proper investigation.

1:30 AM
anonymous said...

My friend had a sleepover at her house which was right across the street from this hospital and we seen something in the window....and it looks like the same window

11:25 PM
shydoo said...

I think you have got something there. I lived across the street from the hospital, and we saw some weird things. We could see a light in the hallway, on the third floor, that was on. It was weird, because as far as we knew, there was no electric in the building on. People say they have seen images in the hospital, a white figure on the 3rd floor windows that face out towards fifth street. There is also a black figure seen in the windows.

11:08 AM
Jeremy said...

Depending on the size of the rat, that might be scary enough! : )

2:40 PM
paula said...

i go by this old hospital everynight late night it does look scarey but i dont think its haunted like people in maysville say it is .i would be willing to walk through it with you i think the only sounds u will hear is from wild animals and rats.

8:37 PM
Jeremy said...

Hi Jill,

Any information we come across, we'll be sure to post here so make sure you check back often. When in town during the holidays, make sure you stop in at the Museum Center. They have tons of information about local historical sites and if you have any questions, drop me an email : )

I look forward to your book when it's finished!

3:19 AM

Friends of mine purchased a farm in Maysville a few years ago and since then, I keep hearing stories about this old abandoned hospital that would be great inspiration for one of my paranormal novels. I started doing some research this evening and came across this site. Turns out the hospital they’re referring to is Hayswood.

I’m sorry to learn that it’s being investigated for possible demolition, as a place so rich with history and mystique could surely be of some value to your community.

I’ll be visiting for the holidays and look forward to seeing the place firsthand. In the mean time, if there are any sources of reference regarding Hayswood, I would certainly like to obtain copies.


Jill Terry
[email protected]

12:37 AM
Jeremy said...

Apparently it's filled with asbestos and will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 Million to clean that up. If they do get around to making it safe, I'd like to see tours of the building set up.

3:25 PM
craig said...

its a shame that u are not allowed two go inside the old hospital allways wanted two visit at night time but it's not worth going two jail over

3:01 PM
Jeremy said...

I don't know if there's a power source there. I assume there would be. But if there is, I'd have no problem footing the bill for a permanent web cam. You know, so folks don't have to camp out : )

Maybe I'll bring that up to the mayor or whoever else is in charge of the place sometime.

11:23 PM
acoolmom777 said...

To cool, my daughter will flip. She makes us go by there every time we are down town. Now she will want us to camp out

3:57 PM
Jeremy said...

LOL TheMan! Always send the rookie!

I used to live there on Fourth Street too and to be honest I've never seen anything there. And not for the lack of looking either. I have no idea what it is. Maybe a reflection? Right place at the right time to see a prankster inside? I don't know. All I know is that I didn't alter the video one bit except to put the location screen at the beginning.

Definitely freaky though and I waited for Halloween because, you know, what better day to post it?

12:32 PM
Foxy said...

OMG... I used to live near there, are you sure this is real footage? If so we need to call that one team on TV. They are looking for another place to investigate!

10:13 AM
TheMan said...

Dang Jeremy... That made my skin crawl. I was up there tonight chasing kids off the roof. Had I seen this before.... I'da sent a rookie.

6:04 AM

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