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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Results: David Cartmell - Mayor

Throughout the election, the Maysville Kentucky Blog has been very unbloglike in staying out of the political crossfire. Small town politics, you know how it is. But since all the votes are tallied, we can now report that David Cartmell will be returning as the mayor of Maysville. There's some other people who won in local elections as well, but the face of a city is always its Mayor.

Mayor Cartmell is a third generation mayor. His mother, Harriett Hord Cartmell, and grandmother, Rebekah Hord were also mayors of Maysville. "All through my younger years, I was always riding a fire truck, with my grandmother being mayor (and) my mother was always involved in public service projects," said Mr. Cartmell in an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1999 after his election the previous fall. According to Cartmell, his grandmother was instrumental in the efforts to build the floodwall. She served as mayor from 1950 to 1962.

So welcome back Cartmell! Here's the full article that tells the rather cool story of a family of Maysvillians for Maysville: Cincinnati Enquirer


anonymous said...

I would like to know the whole story behind the floodwall, such as the people who were moved out of their home and later reopened as a restaurant.

10:52 PM

The Hord/Cartmell family has served Maysville with honor for many, many, years

10:13 AM

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