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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nick Clooney's 13 Schools

According to local celebrity Nick Clooney, his early education carried him from one school to another as his family moved around the region and, for a brief period, out west. He says he attended thirteen schools altogether. Also, for no apparent reason, or rather a reason unknown to himself, he said in his column for the Cincinnati Post that he makes a habit of blurting out, "I went to 13 schools, you know," whenever there is a lull in conversation.

Earlier this month while visiting a high school he, again, mentioned that he went to thirteen schools. A young woman there asked him, "Oh, really? What schools were they?" Poor Nick was caught off guard since no one really asked him that before. He had to sit down and think about it to remember every school he had attended. The results of this trip down memory lane is included in his column. It's a remarkable aside in the history of the Clooneys, one of Maysville Kentucky's most notable families.

Nick Clooney's Column



I just wanted to let you know that we love your blog and are featuring it on our own, at <a href="">Hillbilly Savants</a>. Keep up the really fantastic work - I feel like I already know Maysville personally.

12:11 PM
Ken Downing said...

I remember Nick's Grandmother Guilfoyle. We lived on the corner of Walnut and Second she lived across the street. I remember Nick and his sister Betty visiting. God I'm getting old.

3:29 PM

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