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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Weird Things In The Ohio River

I'm sure Maysville city worker Eddie Simms was a little surprised to find a three foot alligator in a dumpster near the Maysville High School Apartments recently (See this photo in the Ledger Independent). In all likelihood the alligator was a pet that was tossed after it died. Still, I was joking with some friends about the possibility that it had crawled out of the Ohio River and into the dumpster for warmth. Inspired by this idea, I decided to do a little searching to see if any alligators were ever actually found in the Ohio. You know the old story: A kid has a pet alligator and flushes it down the toilet. The alligator grows into a huge beast living in the sewers. You never know.

Well, I hit pay dirt (wish I had bet on it). Not only have people found crocodiles and piranha-like tropical fish in the Ohio River over the years, in August of this year, they caught an octopus. That's right an octopus. And not just any octopus, this octopus was six feet long! It was caught by an Indiana man looking for catfish in the Ohio River across from Louisville.

Weird but true. Full Story


Jeremy said...

I think if I was going to participate in the triathlon... it'd have to be a biathlon : ) No way I'm going in that water!

2:20 AM
ken said...

During the good weather, I used to swim one mile every sunday in the Ohio in Augusta. I've had some concerns about the pollution, but after reading your blog, I am staying out of that river. ...At least until it warms up and triathlon season returns!

11:15 PM

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