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Monday, December 25, 2006

The Pulse: Merry Christmas!

This week's Pulse comes from Dadvocate and his blog post is about the Christmas and Holiday scenes from Maysville Kentucky.

Window at the Bank of Maysville

The Bank of Maysville, established in 1834, is the oldest bank in Kentucky. Several small, local banks flourish in Maysville and the surrounding area. These banks truly deliver personal service, partly because almost everyone knows everyone else. You treat your old schoolmates, neighbors and the guy who sits at the table next to you in a restaurant the best you can. Otherwise, you go out of business.

I have a small connection to this bank. In the main branch there is a large safe with a huge, round door like ones you see in movies. Two people can easily walk through the safe door side-by-side. My grandfather worked at Mosler Safe Company during the 1920's and 1930's when this safe was manufactured. Being a machinist, every safe Mosler manufactured during that time including this one, contains parts my grandfather fabricated. Kinda neat.

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Jeremy said...

Hi Tommy,

Glad to have you here. When you do come to Maysville with your Johnny Cash tribute show, let us know so that we can post about it. My wife is a huge Johnny Cash fan, so you've got at least one member of the audience right there : )


12:04 PM

The Pulse, Merry Christmas. Hi Maysville, My name is Tommy Parker and I am the great, great, great, grandson of Simon Kenton, one of the great pioneers of the southern states in the 1700"s. A statue of Simon has been erected in Maysville and members of my family are planning a trip to come down to see it.My mother, Ruth, is his great granddaughter. I now have a Johnny Cash Tribute Show and am looking forward to coming to Maysville in the near future to perform. Any interest would be most appreciated. Emails directed to [email protected] Thank you so much.

12:14 AM

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