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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Pulse: Finding Stanley Reed In Family History

This week's Pulse comes from Brandon at Cierra's Family History and his blog post is about exploring his family genealogy and turning up Maysville Kentucky native and Supreme Court Justice Stanley Forman Reed:
The key with genealogy is to do alot of the work yourself to make sure you have the right information to start with and then you can post your family tree online and let the cousins out there find you and help add to it. Right now, I have about 1,100 descendants of James Tatman (born 1744 in the Virginia Colonies) and his wife Sarah Murdock. So, I would say it is coming along just fine.

Every now and then you run across famous people in someones tree. My father in law Bill has a few of them. One being Daniel Boone. Yup, that Daniel Boone! The other is the fellow below. His name is Stanley Foreman Reed. Stanley is related to the Tatmans by marriage.

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The Pulse is a weekly series at the Maysville Kentucky Blog where we pull something we found in the blogosphere that relates to Maysville and share it with our readers.


Jeremy said...

You are most welcomed and great post! If you ever make it out to Maysville Kentucky, there's a great deal of information on Stanley Reed at the Museum Center here. We even have a street named after him.

I saw that you mentioned Daniel Boone as well. He lived here for a few years also and established a tavern downtown.

Good luck in your genealogical pursuits!

12:36 PM
Brandon said...

I wanted to thank you for the mention. I have seen quite a few of your readers over at my blog because of the write up you did about finding Stanley Reed Foreman in your family history. Thanks again.

11:03 AM

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