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Friday, January 12, 2007

God Is In The Details

I am looking forward to the new Museum Center opening this summer in downtown Maysville Kentucky for obvious reasons. After sinking $3 million plus into the construction through community donations and the promise a huge assortment of new displays, I'd be very suprised if I weren't there on opening day and maybe even first in line. But of all the new things I've heard they'll have, the collection I am most looking forward to viewing is the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection. No I don't play with dolls. I do however completely agree with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe when he said, "God is in the details." Accurately created scale models are some of the most amazing art pieces in the world.

According to the Museum Center, Browning's collection is one of the top high-quality private miniature collections available and has an estimated value of over $1 million. Each item is a one-twelfth scale exact reproduction of the original. Reportedly, Browning has collected thousands of these miniatures since she began in 1974. While it is uncertain how many of these miniatures will be on display, press releases from the museum promise the best:

Some are as simple as a single piece of fruit; others are as detailed as a Kentucky log cabin or as elaborate as a scale model of a fine 18th century London mansion. Nearly all are limited edition or one-of-a-kind items from expert artisans, the best in the world. There are also copies of family heirlooms, such as furniture and artwork, all made with exacting detail. One chest of drawers, for example, has a corncob plug in a knothole in the back and a burn mark from a candle on top, just as in the original piece.

A recent article in the Ledger also mentioned that they are currently constructing a new miniature of the Cox Building, brick by brick.

I could waste more time telling you how amazing these pieces are, but it wouldn't be as good as an actual picture. Luckily the Museum Center has a few up on their website. Check them out and you'll see what I'm talking about. Full Story With Photos


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