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Friday, January 19, 2007

Dave Tomlin: Maysville Baseball Player

Dave Tomlin was born June 22, 1949 in Maysville, Kentucky, and went on to become a a Relief Pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds (1972-73 and 1978-80), San Diego Padres (1974-77), Montreal Expos (1982 and 1986) and Pittsburgh Pirates (1983 and 1985). He helped the Reds to win the 1972 NL Pennant and 1973 and 1979 NL Western Division.

Used primarily against lefthanded hitters, Tomlin averaged 60 appearances a year in relief for the 1974-77 Padres. He was traded to Texas with $125,000 for Gaylord Perry in January of 1978, but in March was sold to the Reds, who had first signed him in 1967. He went 9-1 in '78, despite a 5.81 ERA. He spent most of the 1980s in the minors, and in 1982 he led the American Association in appearances.

Tomlin's pitching stats can be found at Sports Illustrated.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for the addition anon.

5:08 PM
anonymous said...

hi just wanted to include that his wife was a high school teacher in manchester, ohio during the 80's

11:28 AM

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