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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Pulse: Dad's Workshop

This week's Pulse comes from "ekalb" and his blog post reminisces about old Kentucky barns:

I saw this on's Flickr stream and was reminded of the many summer visits to my uncle's farm in Maysville, Kentucky. It always smelled of oil and grime with a rush of fresh country air scented by the huge fields surrounding it. I spent hours exploring all the facinating piles of parts, containers, cabinets and obscure tools. Mostly out of sheer boredom being so far out in the countryside. But every once in a while there were inspirations to tinker and figure how something worked. Time would flash away and it would be time to leave too soon.

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The Pulse is a weekly series at the Maysville Kentucky Blog where we pull something we found in the blogosphere that relates to Maysville and share it with our readers.


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