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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maysville Kentucky Boy Band Mystery Photo

Readers seemed to enjoy tracking down the location of the 1942 photo we posted the other day, so I thought I'd pose another mystery. I actually know the answer to this one, so I can confirm a correct answer.

Long before *NSYNC, New Kids on the Block, or even The Beatles, Maysville Kentucky had its own boy band. It was organized in 1920 and is pictured above. The mystery question is... what is the name of the man with the mustache pictured to the left of the band?


Jeremy said...

I'll post the answer to the mystery question on Saturday if no one has guessed it before then.

It's a little tough unless you know where to look.

In future mystery posts, I'll make it where the answer is more accessible.

11:14 AM
Ken said...

I think you are correct about the church steps

8:42 AM
Jeremy said...

I'll give you a clue. According to my source, the band is actually called the "Maysville Boys Band" and they were affiliated with the "Kentucky Cardinals".

I think the location here is the front steps of St. Patricks.

3:28 PM
Ken Downing said...

How about on the front steps of the school ? No clue on the band leader. Always wondered about the female. I believe it was call the All American Band

6:06 AM
Jeremy said...

Another mystery might be, why does the boy band have a female French horn player? : )

3:37 PM

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