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Saturday, January 27, 2007

J.B. Russell's Band (Photo, 1922)

The J.B. Russell "Maysville Boys Band" was organized in October 1920, under the direction of Russell with George D. Barnard as director. It was comprised of two groups, the smaller being the "Horseshoe Band" that was pictured in our mystery photo from Jan. 24th.

Here's another photo of the band as it marched down Second Street in a parade held in 1922 (notice the throngs of people who turned out for it).

J.B. Russell you might recognize if you are familiar with some of the local architecture. He was the man behind the Russell Theatre, the Russell Building, and several other notable buildings around town. I believe that's him in the dark uniform leading the band in the photo. In the photo posted on the 24th, he's the man wearing lighter colors in the back of the group on the right. To answer the mystery question from the 24th, the man pictured to the left of the band is George D. Barnard, the band's director.


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