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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Maysville Kentucky Mystery Photo: 1950s, 60s?

This photograph is of an important Maysville Kentucky building, despite its use a service station when the picture was first taken. Let's see if anyone can guess what the building is used for today, what street is in front of the building, and the date of the photo.


anonymous said...

It is the Maysville Welcome Center on E 3rd St. The Simon Kenton Bridge is to the right of it.

4:50 PM
Rob Jefferson said...

this is definetly the welcome center, it is located across the street in rosemary clooneys alley 330 west second, in front of capronis resturant.

12:21 AM
Jeremy said...

Wow, you guys are good. This gas and service station has been renovated into the Maysville Kentucky Welcome Center. It is located at the end of the Simon Kenton Bridge as you're coming into town from Ohio. It's a great place to pick up pamphlets and maps of local sights to see and you can even schedule a walking tour of the downtown historic distric there.

That much I expected. But we even got the make and model of the car - nice.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Let me see what else I can dig up.

12:09 PM
Robert said...

The car in the photograph is a Studebaker Commander, made in 1950 and 1951.

I believe it belonged to R. E. Newell.

For awhile, he lived on 3rd Street and also owned the Octagon House on the Fleming Road.

He later moved to Lexington.

His daughter owned a farm on Strodes Run Road.

9:06 AM
Ken said...

I know, I know and the date must be 1947 to 1948

7:21 AM
anonymous said...

3rd street - across from St. Patrick's church.... right next to the bridge.

8:10 PM
anonymous said...

Could it be the Maysville Welcome Center next to the Simon Kenton Bridge On East Third St?

7:52 PM

on second thought...maybe on west 2nd street?

am I even close?? :-)

Paula from TN

3:29 PM

I am from West Tennessee and I have come to the Festival every year since 2003. I believe it is a flower shop now and it is located on the same street as the French Quarter Inn which is on East McDonald Parkway. It looks to be maybe in the mid 1950's.

Paula from TN

2:47 PM

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