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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Video File: Ranking House in Ripley Ohio

Video of the Rankin House in nearby Ripley, Ohio. This is the home of John Rankin (1793 - 1886), a Presbyterian minister, educator, and abolitionist, who helped slaves escape from Maysville Kentucky. He was Ohio's first and most active "conductors" on the Underground Railroad. You can learn more about John Rankin and his influencial book Letters on Slavery (including a link to the online version) here: Black History Month: John Rankin


anonymous said...

I'm late to comment on this post about Rankin House, but you can read more about the Rankin family in my Across the River series. The first book was Across the River and the second comes out in April. You can watch a book trailer preview of The Light Across the River here:

Stephanie Reed

12:36 PM

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