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Monday, February 19, 2007

The Pulse: George Clooney vs. Chris Lofton

A battle has been raging in the blogosphere over which of Maysville Kentucky's favored sons is more sexier, George Clooney or newcomer Chris Lofton. George Clooney obviously has the official title, but this week's Pulse from Lydia at "Nothing Rhymes With Lydia" comments on ESPN's recent contributions to the debate:
The ESPN commentators are more on Chris Lofton’s [edited] than…nevermind, I shouldn’t reveal that on the internet. They SERIOUSLY just said that “the only maybe more famous person to come out of Maysville, KY is George Clooney.” They went on to say that, as of tonight, Chris Lofton was now the sexiest man to come out of Maysville because he was leading the Volunteers over the Wildcats. What. the. [edited]. Did a basketball commentator REALLY just say that Chris Lofton was sexier than George Clooney? Back up. 

Read the full post (warning, post contains colorful metaphors)

The Pulse is a weekly series at the Maysville Kentucky Blog where we pull something we found in the blogosphere that relates to Maysville and share it with our readers.


Jeremy said...

I didn't check out the rest of the blog. Hopefully nothing too offensive. Trying to keep it PG-13.

3:35 PM
Ken said...

I read a lot of her blog.

2:44 PM

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