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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Pulse: Maysville Kentucky Was Confederate

This week's Pulse is from "Crow" at MySpace. Her blog post quite extensively covers the history of the Civil War in Kentucky, but here's the blip about Maysville:
After the war Confederate monuments were erected over the state, on court-house lawns, in cemeteries, and in city parks. However, only one such monument was erected to Union soldiers and that was to the soldiers of mountainous Lewis County on the Court House lawn in Vanceburg. This is said to be the only statue of its kind south of the Ohio River. Lewis County was intensely loyal to the Union and is a Republican party stronghold, quite different from its neighboring county of Mason to the west, which has Maysville as its county seat, a town steeped in the traditions and charm of an old Southern river town.

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Two counties side by side. Lewis County went Union. Mason County went Confederate.

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Anecdotal family story bearing out that Mason county had Confederate sympathies during the War - my Mom Wanda Izquierdo (nee Sims) who was born in Maysville in 1940 used to tell me her older relatives in Maysville would say "hold on to your confederate money 'cause the South is gonna rise again."

10:13 AM

I think maysville may have gone confederate but went union after Shilo and so more soldiers joined the union than confeds.

i think there were about 40-50 maysville confeds compared to over a hundred union ones.

5:01 AM
Jeremy said...

My mom probably knew about that statue but I didn't. She's very interested in women during the Civil War. I'll have to follow up with her and see if she has any details.

6:59 PM
Ken said...

Might make a good article. Don't imagine there are many dedicated to women

11:39 AM
Ken said...

I have always been amazed at the monument in the Maysville Cemetery to the women of the Confedracy. Its on the right just inside the front gate

8:41 AM

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