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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Resolutions for the Blog

Happy New Year everyone! Traditionally the beginning of the year is a chance to look back at the previous year while making plans for the upcoming one. Here we are excited about some of the things we have planned for the Maysville Kentucky Blog and our main site, MaysvilleXplorer. The term blog is a lazy contraction of the words web log. Basically it is a web site that keeps a running log of things of interest to a particular theme, in descending order by date. So far, we've tried to highlight some of the interesting things we've come across in the Maysville and surrounding areas that people interested in Maysville will want to see, whether they are from the area or not.

As we move into the new year, we hope to finish the development of our main site and open it to the public. Without letting any cats out of the bag, our mission is to continue the goals behind the Blog using other cutting edge technology. That is, we hope to continue hilighting things we come across for people both inside and outside of Maysville, in new and exciting ways.

We have a lot of talent on our side. The people behind the Maysville Kentucky Blog are the same people who designed the software that runs many of the area's major web sites, including their graphical designs. We also operate several non-Maysville web sites that have successfully used technology to better the particular community it was designed for. We have a pretty good track record in marketing community interests. It is our hope to use this talent to show the rest of the world why Maysville, its people, and the surrounding areas are as cool as we know they are.

This rambling on isn't just to pat ourselves on the back for past successes while we are nursing a New Year's hangover : ) Hopefully it also serves to get others excited about things to come. After all, that is what New Year's is all about. All we can say is that, in Maysville, there are exciting things coming. We invite the rest of the world to come on out to our little town and share in the excitement.


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