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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Henry Thompson Stanton, 1834-1898

Henry T. Stanton was born in Alexandria, Virginia on June 30, 1834, the son of Judge Richard Henry Stanton. His father later moved the family to Maysville, Kentucky. Stanton was educated at the Maysville Seminary. He entered West Point but withdrew. Stanton served in the Confederate Army as a captain of a company in the 5th Kentucky regiment and from 1862-64 was assistant adjutant-general on the staff of Gen. John S. Williams. He had the same position on Col. Henry L. Giltner's staff and took command of a brigade. At the close of the war Stanton was a major serving as assistant adjutant-general on the staff of Gen. John Echols. Stanton's service was in Eastern Kentucky, East Tennessee, and Western Virginia and he was actively involved in a number of battles.

After the war, Stanton practiced law and was editor of the Maysville Bulletin until 1870. He also edited a newspaper in Frankfort. From 1870-74 he was chief assistant in the office of the State Commissioner of Insurance. He died in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1899.

Stanton's father, Richard Henry Stanton (1812-1891), was born in Virginia but moved to Kentucky and was a noted jurist and author of Kentucky legal treatises and editor of Kentucky's revised statutes. He served in the Congress as a representative from Kentucky.

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Henry T. Stanton is my 2nd great grandfather and Charlotte Echols Stanton is my great grandmother. I would love to trade information.

11:03 PM

I am a great-granddaughter of Henry Thompson Stanton. I have loads of information I have gathered over the past several years. I would love to share with my cousins. At this point I have come across three others who were looking for information.

5:49 AM
Jeremy said...

I'll see what I can find out for you Chris.

7:32 PM

would anyone have a family tree or info on his family, daughters, nieces- my wife is related, and he grandmother was a lady names Charlotte Echols Stanton Robertson. Any info would be appreciated.
Chris and Rose Hood
[email protected]

1:33 PM

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