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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Historic Lee House to Become a Bed and Breakfast

Currently the Lee House in downtown Maysville, Kentucky is being used as an apartment complex, but rennovations are currently underway to turn the third floor into an upscale bed and breakfast, according to the Mason County Beat. Suite sizes for the bed and breakfast promise to be larger than most people's homes and include formal dining rooms and studies. The third floor has a wonderful view of the Ohio River and surrounding landscapes.

Built in the late 1700s, and listed with the National Register of Historic Places, the Lee House has a long history of accomodations. Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, Governor John Chambers, and General Marquis de Lafayette have all spent time there. The rennovators are trying to remain as close to it's historical significance as economically feasible.

According to the National Register, "The fine Greek Revival detail of the northern addition makes the building architecturally significant. The sophisticated facade is among the first representative of this style in Mason County and the surrounding region. The composite structure also includes Federal and Northern European elements, with the latter reflecting a wave of German Settlers who populated the Ohio River Valley. The building can also be said to reflect a New Orleans influence."


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